Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Leasing Company

If you’re in the market for a new commercial leasing company for your property, there are certain qualities that you should look for in order to ensure you’re getting the best service possible. We’ve outlined some of the key attributes to consider when choosing a commercial leasing company.


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Benchmarking Your Management Team

Contributed by Marty Busekrus, SIOR, CCIM, Managing Directory at Ciminelli Real Estate Services  - South Florida

In a recent blog, we covered how to benchmark the performance of your commercial real estate asset against its peers. But what about benchmarking your management and operations staff?  How do they perform relative to their peers in the industry?

Are You Benchmarking Your Returns?

Contributed by Marty Busekrus, SIOR, CCIM, Managing Directory at Ciminelli Real Estate Services  - South Florida

If you're not benchmarking your returns, how do you know how well your asset is performing against its peers? Benchmarking simply means comparing the returns of your investment to another broader index or investment.  For example, did your brokers stock picks beat the S&P 500 last year?  The Dow Jones Industrial Averages?

The Responsibilities of Property Management

Owning real estate is one thing, managing it is another thing altogether. Owners often don’t have the time, aptitude or the resources to successfully manage their own property, especially if the property is large or there are multiple properties. Improper management can lead to loss of revenue and asset deterioration, which can lead to costly repairs. Selecting a skilled property manager to oversee your building can reduce your day-to-day responsibilities and involvement with your property, leaving you to focus on the bigger picture issues. 

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Post-Pandemic Office Space

The traditional office isn’t going anywhere.

In the earlier stages of the pandemic, there was a real concern that everyone’s love affair with the work from home concept was going to devastate the commercial real estate market. Well, that love affair has been supplanted by Zoom fatigue and flagging productivity rates, and the reality is more that while the post-pandemic workplace is going to look different in some significant ways, the office will still be around, just with some alterations to better meet needs that were identified during Covid.

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A New Life in Commercial Real Estate - Adaptive Reuse

Contributed by Sydney Kania, Assistant Property Manager at Ciminelli Real Estate Services of Florida

Adaptive reuse is a relatively new trend in real estate that has begun to boom in recent years. It is the process of renovating a building and giving it a new purpose. We have seen quite a few adaptive reuse projects popping up in Tampa, FL over the past decade.


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Choosing the Right Property Management or Leasing Firm

Choosing the right property manager or leasing agent can have a dramatic impact on the performance of an investment. Property managers perform a wide array of critical functions including providing services to tenants, reporting to the owner, maintaining the asset, and collecting and disbursing funds.

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E-Commerce as a Driver of Industrial Demand

Contributed by Marty Busekrus, SIOR, CCIM, Managing Directory at Ciminelli Real Estate Services  - South Florida

Are you in the best position with your industrial asset? Marty Busekrus, SIOR, CCIM, Managing Directory of Ciminelli Real Estate Services of Florida talks about the effect that e-commerce has on the industrial demand of our country.

Ground Breaking Developments in Tampa

The Tampa Bay area landscape is changing. With supply in commercial real estate space dwindling, we are finally seeing the shift to development in the area. In this article, we outline some of the major projects that are shaping the real estate industry in our area:

5 Reasons Why Tenant Relations Is Our Most Important Metric

No matter the business industry, any professional will attest to the importance of customer service and satisfaction. At Ciminelli, we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of service to all of our tenants. We have compiled the top 5 reasons good tenant relations are critical to our current and future success.

How involved is Your Property Management Team?

How involved is your property management team?  Gina Karnes (Property Manager) & Shannon Barbur (Accounting Manager) discuss how involved your property management team should be.

Ciminelli Real Estate Services Receives TOBY Award for Carrollwood Physicians Group

On November 7, 2018, The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Greater Tampa Bay recognized winners of the 2018 Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) awards. The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards are the most prestigious and comprehensive programs of their kind in the commercial real estate industry recognizing quality in buildings and rewarding excellence in property management.

Ciminelli Real Estate Service in the Tampa, FL Community

Contributed by Heather List, Business Development Manager, Tampa, FL

Ciminelli Real Estate Services believes that community is not just a place; it is a relationship that ties companies, causes and people together. Below are some of the activities and programs we've participated in.

5 Things to Consider Before Leasing Office Space

Contributed by Thomas Hernandez, Associate Director, SIOR, CCIM

Whether your company is moving offices or opening its first brick and mortar location, leasing office space can be a stressful task. According to a 2007 study done by Gettysburg Professor Andrew Naber, "one-third of your life is spent at work". So, it's safe to say your office has a major impact on your life. We collaborated with our real estate and property management professionals to compile the top five things to consider when renting an office space.

5 Steps to Improve Building Expenditure

Contributed by Chris Reckart, Vice President Property Services, CPM, RPA, FMA

A building can only be as good as its property manager. From daily functions to vendor contracting, an established budget and eye for detail can make or break a building's profitability. Ciminelli's continually expanding managed portfolio of nearly 16 million square feet speaks volumes about our team's performance. As building owners ourselves, we know effective commercial property management is not just about maintenance - it's about identifying efficiencies and capitalizing on them to provide economic benefits to the owner/client. 

Ciminelli's Expansion Into South Florida

Contributed by Marty Busekrus, Managing Director, CCIM

January brought about the grand opening of our office in South Florida servicing the Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade Counties.  While this is a new venture for Ciminelli, the personnel that have formed the base of operations have been working in the South Florida commercial real estate world for quite some time. This office is headed by Mara Porras and Marty Busekrus, which combined have nearly 50 years of commercial real estate experience.  In terms of deal volume, they have managed over 2M square feet with transactional volumes in excess of $800M.

The 5 W's of Construction Management

Contributed by Brian Westall, Construction Management Coordinator

Construction management is a detailed craft and can become overwhelming if you don't have the right person for the job. We sat down with our Construction Manager, Derek Bennett, at Ciminelli Real Estate Services of Florida to outline the 5 W's of Construction Management.

The Commercial Real Estate Market Recovery Continued Throughout The Tampa Bay Area in 2017

Contributed by Mary Foley, Associate Director

In 2017, Ciminelli Real Estate Services saw the continued demand for smaller commercial real estate spaces and an increase in demand for larger spaces above 20,000 SF. However, an interesting dynamic appeared and we found that despite an increase in demand for both industrial and retail space, we did not find the same demand for office. Read More.


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