How involved is Your Property Management Team?

Contributed by Gina Karnes (Property Manager) & Shannon Barbur (Accounting Manager)

Florida Property Management

Hiring or transferring to a new 3rd party Property Management company can be a turbulent time, with both expected and unexpected obstacles. Our Ciminelli Team works diligently to make the transition process go as smoothly as possible for all of our new clients. We had the opportunity to sit down with our Accounting Manager, Shannon Barbur, and one of our Property Managers, Gina Karnes, to fully grasp the scope of work that goes into transitioning-in a new account.

Although some of the research on a new account happens beforehand, the process officially launches as soon as we receive a completed Listing Agreement that outlines expectations from all parties involved. Our teams come together for a transition-in meeting where we share our collected research about the property and divvy up tasks for the introductory month.

After sorting through all of the collected information, our accounting staff begins entering in financial and leasing information in our electronic accounting system, MRI. The next step is reaching out to vendors to coordinate invoicing and billing efforts for the property. In an effort to continue streamlining Accounts Payable, we have adopted a new integrated software from AvidXchange that handles the processing of incoming electronic invoices.

Abstracting the leases and getting a complete understanding of the terms is critical in the beginning of a transition, it allows us to provide optimal service to tenants and also accurately represent the Landlord.

Commercial Property Management

Our Property Managers work diligently to create a positive experience. Within two business days of receiving a new account they visit the property to personally meet existing tenants to ensure a seamless transition as best possible.  During the initial month, full property inspections are completed including HVAC, structural integrity, and safety measures/equipment to identify any immediate life safety concerns to bring to Landlord’s attention.

Commercial Leasing Services

If the account also incorporates our Leasing services, our Leasing & Marketing teams work together to address all available vacancies and create high quality materials to distribute across all communication channels including flyers, floor plans, leasing signage, and emails. They work together to make sure the property is accurately marketed and aesthetically appealing for all prospective tenants.

As building owners ourselves, we know effective commercial property management in Tampa is not just about maintenance – it’s about identifying efficiencies and capitalizing on them to provide economic benefits to the owner’s client. This is why we know the importance of identifying any concerns in the forefront and keeping up the momentum by keeping clear channels of communication open for all parties.

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