The 5 W’s of Construction Management

Contributed by Brian Westall, Construction Management Coordinator

Whether you are leasing commercial real estate space and need it suited to your needs, or you own property and want to make renovations, you need someone looking out for your best interest to manage the project, and everything it entails. You need a construction project manager. Construction project management is a detailed craft and can become overwhelming if you don’t have the right person for the job.We sat down with our Construction Management Coordinator, Brian Westall, at Ciminelli Real Estate Services of Florida to outline the 5 W’s of Construction Management…and where Ciminelli can help you!

WHO is the construction manager?

We are the link between the landlord and/or tenants and the contractors. We oversee the day-to-day processes for the entire project, including construction, code adherence, and financials. Our biggest goal is to protect our client.

WHAT is the construction management process?

  • Draft, distribute, and monitor the Request For Proposal (RFP) process with contractors
  • Collect, review, and advise on pricing
  • Contract all work on behalf of ownership/tenant
  • Coordinate work with ownership and/or tenant base
  • Complete routine site visits during work
  • Complete final walk-through for the project
  • Close out the project and collect proper documentation, to include releases and certificates of completion from the local jurisdiction.

WHEN are obstacles expected during the construction project process?

You can encounter obstacles before the project even starts, but it is our job to help manage those obstacles for the owner and/or tenantIn the beginning, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is the subject of “expectations vs reality”. Right now construction is very busy, so having a clear understanding of the needs from all sides (both client/tenant and contractor) is imperative when putting together an accurate timeline.

WHERE does the construction manager and general contractor connection come into play?

Established relationships. At Ciminelli, we have a comprehensive list of top-tier, licensed vendors and general contractors that we have fostered a professional relationships with. This allows our project management team an opportunity to acquire competitive pricing for our projects and provide a range of options for our clients. We are able to tailor our bids to the specific job and budget of the tenant and landlord.

WHY use a Construction Manager?

We bridge the gap between the known and unknown – protecting both the landlord and the tenant. Construction involves many different areas of expertise, so you are likely to encounter situations where you will need someone familiar with areas that you, yourself, are not. One misstep due to oversight or a lack of information can have major implications, so having a project manager on your investment is key to your protection. While overseeing the entirety of the construction, we ensure all documents are properly submitted, details are in place, invoices are collected and paid, and all boxes are checked. If you are looking for a construction project manager, contact Ciminelli’s Construction Manager, Derek Bennett at (813) 750-0250 for more information.

Contributed by our Tampa, Florida office.