Building a name for ourselves


The Ciminelli name is backed by generations of quality and a customer-centric philosophy. Led by our President & CEO Paul Ciminelli, we are a full-service commercial real estate firm with more than 35 years of experience in the industry. Our team offers customers and stakeholders a range of services including management, acquisition and disposition, and brokerage services, while staying focused on the most important thing—results. Ciminelli has offices throughout Florida, as well as New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and serving a portfolio in seven states.

Because we evolved from Ciminelli Development Company – a leading real estate development and investment firm headquartered in Buffalo, NY – we benefit from the organization’s extensive knowledge, contacts, resources and large scale ownership platform. Our affiliation with Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation has afforded us the ability to effectively share an owners’ perspective and hard earned philosophy that has yielded years of continued success in real estate.

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Our Commercial Real Estate Services

Ciminelli Real Estate Services' professional and creative team provides specialized expertise in creating exceptional value and efficiency for the entire commercial real estate cycle.

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Ciminelli offers commercial real estate services throughout the state of Florida

And serves a portfolio in seven states

1 of 38 companies in Florida with the AMO designation

We credit our success to our Team, otherwise referred to as the "intellectual capital" of our organization.

Meet the Team

Ciminelli traces it's real estate services roots all the way back to 1981.  What were you doing in 1981?

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Over $1 Billion of Capital Markets transactions in Florida alone

Ciminelli is a multi-generational, full service real estate services firm whose quality and talented employees are dedicated to and pride themselves on  delivering the highest level of expertise and service to our stakeholders.