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Searching for commercial real estate is a challenging process that involves careful selection and discernment. Where you eventually decide on directly impacts your future business outlook, affecting customer perception, employee recruitment and your potential growth. As you weigh your options, you need the most pertinent information possible. How well do you know the commercial real estate market in St. Petersburg? That's why it's essential to 

Specialized Tenant Representation Services

Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation offers brokerage services covering tenant representation, lease negotiation and exclusive commercial listings throughout St. Petersburg. With decades of experience supporting successful business decisions, we bring significant value for clients who seeking suitable commercial real estate. Our local and regional market research will point you to advantageous property that will house your business for years to come.

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tenet representation services that Ciminelli offers

Strategic Planning

  • Define & analyze client's needs & objectives
  • Set project timelines
  • Engage space planner to evaluate work space solutions

Engage the Market

  • Survey & pre-screen space alternatives
  • Presentation of alternatives
  • Conduct property tours
  • Prepare & issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Analyze Alternatives

  • Qualitative & quantitative analysis of RFP responses
  • Preliminary negotiations with Landlords / Developers
  • Conduct test fits

Negotiate Terms

  • Prepare & submit counterproposals
  • Compare best & final offers
  • Negotiate the business points
  • Finalize floor plans & costing

Implement Decisions

  • Execute letter of intent
  • Lease review & execution
  • Finalize construction documents
  • Establish vendor & move-in timelines

Post Execution

  • Move-in & punch-list coordination
  • Operating expense reconciliation
  • Expansion / Contraction
  • Lease Renewal



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Tenant Representation Services in St. Petersburg