Property Management Services for Clearwater, FL

Real estate owners in the Clearwater, FL, area looking for high-level property management services can take advantage of the abundance of real estate services that Ciminelli offers. Our property management services are extremely valuable for owners because of the quality of service that our clients experience and the level of service that your tenants receive. It is a win-win-win situation for everyone involved. Our industry experts use their extensive knowledge and connections to help save time, energy and money for management scenarios and tasks, while providing a good rapport with clients, excellent maintenance services and even tenant retention service. 

How We Can Help Manage Your Property

Organized Facilities Management

Through our sophisticated work order management system, our team effectively coordinates, schedules and documents, all service requests and tenant communications. Our approach is organized, allowing for quick solutions and timely responses. From our tracking, we generate custom reports that monitor performance, so you can fully understand the impact of our Clearwater property management services. 

Extensive Property Management

Ciminelli has a AMO (Accredited Management Organization) designation that has strict requirements and has only been met by 537 firms in the world! Through this accreditation, we have distinguished ourselves from other property managers in the Clearwater, FL area. 

Our Focus

  • Tenant Retention
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Construction Management
  • Equipment Repairs/Replacement
  • Bank Equipment Maintenance

Improve Your ROI

As real estate owners with a variety of properties, we understand the importance of excellent property management and providing high quality services at all levels of the unique relationship between tenants, landlords, and management companies. No matter what your situation is, we can help maximize your ROI. We strongly believe that you will benefit and see results from our management services almost immediately. 

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