Ciminelli Unveils New Look for 4100 Kennedy in Westshore Business District

Sun, Apr 23rd 2023 02:58pm

Tiffany Gage, Marketing Manager
4100 Kennedy Renovations - Before & After

TAMPA, FL – Ciminelli Real Estate Services is delighted to unveil the new appearance and branding of the recently acquired office building located at 4100 Kennedy Blvd in Tampa, FL. Formerly known as The Venture Center, the building was renamed 4100 Kennedy and Ciminelli commenced on a series of improvements to coincide with the rebranding.

In 2019, the building’s original owners commissioned a group of local artists from Pep Rally Studios to design and paint a mural that would commemorate the namesake of the road. The vibrant artwork has since made the property one of Tampa’s most recognizable buildings along the busy corridor. Special care was taken to preserve the iconic murals on the exterior of the building by selecting dark gray and white paint colors that would enhance the beauty of the artwork.

Ciminelli’s new office within the building also underwent some significant upgrades. Large canvas prints of the area’s most iconic landmarks, including one from a local photographer, Lance Raab, were added to the walls to celebrate the City of Tampa. The reception area also features a full wall dedicated to the story behind Pep Rally Studio’s mural on the building, including the narrative and sketches involved in the design process.
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